ZYTARUK: Face your fears, no matter how high up you are

The higher I go, the wobblier my knees get.

LETTER: Fletcher grossly misinformed on real root cause of B.C.’s wildfire issue

Carbon taxes don’t need to grow government coffers

  • Jul 26th, 2017

COLUMN: New leaders indebted to this region’s voters

Government appointments, initiatives partially acknowledge impact on election

  • Jul 26th, 2017

OUR VIEW: Daunting task ahead for Surrey’s defenders of Hawthorne Park

Surrey residents’ campaign to protect Hawthorne Park from city council’s plan to run a road through it presents yet another case study in what democracy is all about.

  • Jul 25th, 2017

B.C. unions, protesters move up

John Horgan government pleases labour, environmentalists

LETTERS: No longer afford to go it alone

Editor: I believe our 60-year ‘experiment’ at independence has run its course.

  • Jul 21st, 2017
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PAN's week in pictures


Hudson Brooks protest


Police chase through farm Fields in South Surrey


LETTERS: Traffic nightmare

Editor: With ever-increasing traffic, Thrift Avenue has become a nightmare for White Rock residents.

  • Jul 21st, 2017

COLUMN: Voice of soldiers silenced too soon

War reporter Adam Day – a former classmate of PAN reporter Nick Greenizan – passed away this month

EDITORIAL: The weight of justice delayed

Years-long wait takes toll

  • Jul 20th, 2017

Hype doesn’t help forest fire efforts

Andrew Weaver’s climate change claim doesn’t match reality

LETTERS: Sidewalk not for pedallers

Editor: What does it take to get cyclists to ride their bikes on roads and not on sidewalks?

  • Jul 19th, 2017

LETTERS: City water in the spin cycle

Editor: I see that the city has decided to invest some of my tax dollars into a ‘Rumours’ web page.

  • Jul 19th, 2017

LETTER: Aging Pattullo Bridge urgently needs to be replaced

As TransLink CEO, I can tell you our replacement bridge has been designed – and it’s ready to go.

  • Jul 19th, 2017

LETTER: Cloverdale couple earns kudos for cleanup

Normally, I send in negative comments on how filthy Cloverdale Athletics Park is left after an event or weekend – but today is different.

  • Jul 19th, 2017

Hype doesn’t help forest fire efforts

Andrew Weaver’s climate change claim doesn’t match reality

COLUMN: Lies, damned lies and counting on our votes

Remember a time when the very act of knowingly uttering an untruth would destroy a political career?